What’s next for digital marketing in 2021?

In 2020, the world gained 93 million more mobile phone users. That’s 93 million more potential customers who may be using their smartphones to search for and buy products online. Are you keeping pace with the latest digital marketing trends to put your brand in the palm of their hand? Find out where you should be focusing your marketing efforts in 2021.

The digital revolution hasn’t quite reached its peak yet. As it continues to evolve, marketers continue to find new ways to reach their audience. So, where is digital marketing heading in 2021? Here’s a look at the 10 most notable trends in digital marketing in 2021.

1. Video isn’t an option anymore

Video is the fastest growing form of content. From YouTube to TikTok, people are consuming video content in greater quantities. Humans absorb visuals like images, illustrations, and video better than written content. With so much content to scroll through, it’s easier to watch a short video than read a long article. How does this translate to marketing?

According to a survey by Wyzowl, 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. That’s why more marketers are investing in video marketing.

In 2020, 92% of marketers said that video content is an important part of the content marketing strategy, up from 78% in 2015. Are you one of them? If not, you could be losing sales to your competitors who are.

2. Multi-channel marketing is a must

Customers want convenience and accessibility. They want to be able to interact with a brand wherever they are — at home or on the go, and on any device. That means your marketing needs to reach them on the channels they frequent and you need to provide multi-channel customer support.

Businesses that provide multi-channel customer service retain up to 89% of their customers while companies that don’t retain only around 33%. The top 3 most popular customer communication channels are phone, email, and online self-service.

Managing customer queries from multiple channels doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s plenty of help desk software with multi-channel ticketing systems on the market that makes it easy. Whichever channels customers contact you through, it all goes into one ticketing system and agents can respond via the same channel.

3. Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is the new buzzword in marketing. In many respects, it’s not new. Businesses have been engaging in conversations with their customers for years. Social media is one channel; live chat is another. In fact, the success of live chat is probably what put conversational marketing in the spotlight. As much as 73% of customers say they are happy with live chat experiences.

Conversational marketing is about talking to your customer when and where it’s convenient for them. That could be a live chat but it could also be Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or another type of communication channel.

It also means being able to pick up on a conversation lat